Welcome to our website. We want you to know who we are and what we are up to. Please look around and if you are in the area of South of Mobile please stop by and say hi. We would love it if you can come worship with us, you are our invited guest.

Hemley Rd. Church of Christ
8270 Hemley Rd.—PO Box 218
Bayou LaBatre, Alabama 36509
(251) 609-0448
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Service Times

Sunday Bible classes 9:30 a.m.
Worship 10:30 a.m.

Wednesday fellowship 6:00 p.m.


We are thankful for God’s provision


A gift from the Twickenham Church of Christ in Huntsville, Alabama

The Canoe Church of Christ provided this 2010 van.


These much needed vehicles are only two examples how God continues to provide every need as we serve our community and church members. By God’s grace we are able to provide good, nutritious meals to about 400 hungry families each week. We have dozens and dozens of children each week at Sunday school who are fed both physically and spiritually.

We can ask for no more than to be used by God to love our people in Jesus name and invite them to follow him. Come for a visit and see what we are all about. We are an authentic community of “faith followers” of Jesus loving God, loving each other, and loving our neighbors in tangible ways.

Please pray for us that we will be a light to those in darkness, give hope to those in despair, and make much of Jesus to a community who desperately needs him.

Our Community Needs Help!

The oil spill not only endangers marine live, water foul, and coastal animals. The greatest tragedy is the people who are affected. Our wonderful community of Bayou La Batre and our neighbors are primarily a fishing village. Fishing is gone and so are all the fishing supported jobs. Many, many of our people and our friends are jobless and need food. Thankfully, the Bay Area Food Bank has helped us be able to feed some, but not all we want to feed.

The National Guard and friends like Mike Buamgartner are doing all they can to help. Mike, who runs Disaster Assistance, is preparing and giving away about 300 meals per day. Below are some pictures of the recent food giveaways. The need  is great, if you can help please contact us.

Waiting for food here at the church building.

The Guard, ready to serve

The need is widespread, people are hungry

Getting ready for the people

Urgently Needed, a Van or Bus!

Our church is in desperate need of a good van or small bus.

Contact us at once if you know about one we can get as a gift.

For details see this story.

A Love Gift

During the week the campers did black and white paintings of the “I am’s” of Jesus. “I am the gate of the sheepfold”, “I am the vine”, etc. At the end of the week an artist painted this large canvas and it was hidden from the campers…until they began one by one taking down the “I am” paintings and finally this beautiful painting was revealed.

Near the end of the night brother Billy Spaulding was called to the platform and the camp director presented the painting to the Hemley Road group! What a nice way to honor those you love and respect and what a nice way for us to remember the camp and how much we love those who run the camp and made it possible for us to go!

Isn’t God Amazing?

Latest News

Bandina Christian Camp

The El Campo church of  Christ in El Campo, Texas provided scholarships for 22 campers from our church. Thy were accompanied by Billy Spaulding, summer intern Youth Minister Nolan Miller, Daphne German, and Rita Bruno.

Camp was very special, tons of fun, great singing, great food, and wonderful Bible teaching. Seven young campers from Hemley Road church were baptized this past week! Our joy is running over! Youth and adults are already excited about going again next year.

A special “Thank You” to Fred Franke and Project Nehemiah for making it possible to have a second van for the long trip to south Texas. Brother Fred has been a friend and partner of Hemley Road since our inception. We love you brother Fred!

Summer Youth Minister

We are all excited and blessed to have Nolan Miller with us for the summer to teach, encourage, and be an example to our youth. Nolan is an extremely talented young man and we expect God to do amazing things as Nolan loves our kids this summer.

Nolan comes to us from the Cumberland City church of Christ all the way from Tennessee. “Welcome to the family Nolan!”

Some Surprise Gifts!

We continue to be amazed at the many ways God faithfully provides our needs. Our forever family at the University church in Shreveport recently gave our church a nice big Ford van! What a blessing! They also were very generous in helping us financially.

Come See What God Is Doing

Please come for a visit and see first hand what God is doing in Bayou La Batre. We love hosting visitors! We promise to love you with the love of Jesus and to invite you to walk along with us as we follow Him. God is so kind to us all, let us give all we are to him!

Recent news…

We are growing!We are nearing two dozen baptisms for 2009. God is at work here in Bayou La Batre.

Summer Camp We are taking 19 children to Bandena Christian camp in Texas. With the help our great friends and helpers at the El Campo church in El Campo, Texas our vans have new tires and the children will be able to experience what tens of thousands of Christians say was the greatest influence on them becoming people of God.

Each of the campers had to work really hard to qualify. Memory verses and service in the community were requirements. No child was allowed to go unless they earned their spot by showing commitment and desire. They will be changed forever by this great experience.

Heat Wave! It is hot, hot, hot here by the Bayou and the Gulf. And, we don’t have an air conditioner for our church. Each Sunday 60 to 80 people brave the muggy heat and come to worship God and spend time with our forever family, but it is really, really hot.

Perhaps you can help with a gift or you might know someone who can help. We appreciate anything you can do about this pressing need. You can pray for this need, please do that.

God’s best blessings to you and thanks for visiting our site.