Recent news…

We are growing!We are nearing two dozen baptisms for 2009. God is at work here in Bayou La Batre.

Summer Camp We are taking 19 children to Bandena Christian camp in Texas. With the help our great friends and helpers at the El Campo church in El Campo, Texas our vans have new tires and the children will be able to experience what tens of thousands of Christians say was the greatest influence on them becoming people of God.

Each of the campers had to work really hard to qualify. Memory verses and service in the community were requirements. No child was allowed to go unless they earned their spot by showing commitment and desire. They will be changed forever by this great experience.

Heat Wave! It is hot, hot, hot here by the Bayou and the Gulf. And, we don’t have an air conditioner for our church. Each Sunday 60 to 80 people brave the muggy heat and come to worship God and spend time with our forever family, but it is really, really hot.

Perhaps you can help with a gift or you might know someone who can help. We appreciate anything you can do about this pressing need. You can pray for this need, please do that.

God’s best blessings to you and thanks for visiting our site.


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