Our Community Needs Help!

The oil spill not only endangers marine live, water foul, and coastal animals. The greatest tragedy is the people who are affected. Our wonderful community of Bayou La Batre and our neighbors are primarily a fishing village. Fishing is gone and so are all the fishing supported jobs. Many, many of our people and our friends are jobless and need food. Thankfully, the Bay Area Food Bank has helped us be able to feed some, but not all we want to feed.

The National Guard and friends like Mike Buamgartner are doing all they can to help. Mike, who runs Disaster Assistance, is preparing and giving away about 300 meals per day. Below are some pictures of the recent food giveaways. The need  is great, if you can help please contact us.

Waiting for food here at the church building.

The Guard, ready to serve

The need is widespread, people are hungry

Getting ready for the people


One response to “Our Community Needs Help!

  1. My family and I will be traveling to Bayou La Batre from Southern Illinois Aug 7th-22nd to help you in whatever ways we can. The people in our community are wanting to know if there are some specific things the people in your community need? We want to help however we can. Please feel free to email me at court_2_21_80@hotmail.com That you.

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