Who We Are

We are a group of Christians with our roots in the Restoration Movement and the Recovery Ministry. A few people came together soon after Hurricane Katrina to help the hurting people here in the Bayou. After only a few weeks those few people decided to begin worshiping together and our church was planted.

We are a church of Christ which appreciates our Restoration Movement heritage, but our only allegiance is to Jesus Christ our Lord. Our worship is simple and sincere with a cappella singing, through Bible teaching, prayer, and praise, we glorify the Lord and encourage each other.

It has been a wild ride! From gatherings on the beach, to rented halls, and now in a wonderful facility, and by God’s grace, still debt free.

We have developed many wonderful friendships and partnerships and are especially thankful for the El Campo church of Christ and the White’s Ferry Road church of Christ. Their help has been unbelievable and has been critical to our success. We are indebted to many other churches and the many individuals who have prayed for us, given, and loved us in amazing ways.

Our desire is to be an authentic Christian community loving the people of our communites where they are, as they are, for Christ’s sake. As God gives opportunity we eagerly share the good news about what Jesus has done for sinners. Those who repent and believe we baptise and welcome as family. And those who have not yet believed, we continue to love unconditionally and pray that God will do His work in their hearts.

Come visit us when you can.