Ways We Serve

We take literally the Bible imperatives to feed the hungry, to visit and care for widows, orphans, and others who are in need. We serve our people in these ways in the name of Jesus.

Bayou Recovery Project is a non profit governed by the state of Alabama and is a tax exempt entity. Since Hurricane Katrina we have been able to feed tens of thousands of meals, give clothing and furniture by the dozens of tons, and repair many hundreds of houses. Our contributors and helpers have been from all across the U.S. from many different church and civic groups. We have groups scheduled to come for the foreseeable future to do what they can to improve the lives of our citizens. The generosity of people from far and wide has been overwhelming. God is faithful!

Food Pantry, through our food pantry we have met some wonderful people who were just on the unlucky side of life and some of them are now happily serving with us in our church life. Many of our members and their neighbors here in BLB are unemployed and have little. We are blessed by God to be able to provide food to them as He provides.

Grief Share  is a DVD series designed to help anyone who has had a loved one die. Each week we watch a DVD and then a discussion follows. No person is required to speak but most eventually will and talking is one of the most healing things a grieving person can do. This outreach is one more way we can love our people here and walk with them during their dark days. We make clear that ultimate healing comes through knowing and trusting Christ.

Bible Classes are an important part of the life of our congregation. We teach the Bible to every age group, every week. We believe that as we learn God’s word He will change us so that we are more like Jesus. Our classes are informal and usually folks are allowed and encouraged to make comments or ask questions. Together we look to the Holy Spirit to teach us God’s truth.

Worship is the response of redeemed people who deserved to die but have been rescued by Christ. We talk to God in prayer, making our requests with thanksgiving, we sing songs of praise and encouragement in the primitive a cappella, we share the bread and cup of communion each Lord’s day as a part of our tradition, reminding ourselves and others weekly of Jesus’ doing and dying for us and that He will come again. We give as the Lord prospers us to further God’s kingdom work. And, each Sunday we listen to a lesson from a preacher. We believe this is a primary way God speaks to us today.

Come and allow us to love you. It’s a come as you are party and God is the host. He loves you and wants you to love Him in return. We would be honored to have you visit us and allow us to introduce you to our Lord Jesus Christ. We will be looking for you!


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